Tailored Programs

At in•flu•ence, we recognize that all of our clients face different leadership challenges. More often than not, different teams within the very same organisation experience different leadership issues. That’s why we tailor each program to meet the specific needs of your organization and individuals. There’s nothing off the shelf about it!

Here’s how it works:


Mike Jenner will meet with you in the planning phase and work closely with you to:

— Identify and agree the specific observable behaviour(s)that you want your executives to improve/develop.
— Agree the scope/duration/number of sessions that will enable your executives to achieve conscious competence in those skills/behaviours.


Once the scope is agreed, he will personally design a specific program to achieve your objectives that is consistent with our philosophy and approach.


Mike Jenner and members of our professional coaching team will deliver your program(s) to build participants’ leadership effectiveness and influencing capability.


Mike Jenner, and members of our professional coaching team, will be available for one-on-one coaching, live or through Skype, to ensure your executives’ momentum is continued in their journey towards unconscious competence.

A Tried and Tested Approach

Over several years, we have found that this process ensures all of our clients understand the benefits and constraints of behaviour development initiatives. Additionally, it ensures the time invested in the program is as relevant and value-added as possible, both in the short and long term, for our participating executives and therefore for our client organisations.