Four Stages of Learning

It may sound simple to effect behaviour change, but it’s not. It takes time, energy, focus and practice… which is why we work on one behaviour change at a time. Only when our participants reach the stage we call conscious competence do we move on to develop the next behaviour.



  • UI – Unconscious Incompetence: Does not realise skill needs to be developed, aka “Blissful Ignorance”

  • CI – Conscious Incompetence: Realises skill needs to be developed but unsure how to effect change

  • CC – Conscious Competence: With conscious effort, able to effect best practice skill

  • UC – Unconscious Competence: Automatically uses best practice skill

Step by Step

Moving from the stage of Unconscious Competence to Conscious Competence is easy – it’s simply a case of becoming aware that a particular skill is missing. Moving to the next stage takes time, however, because achieving Conscious Competence involves a shift in behaviour, and less effective practices may have been ingrained over a number of years.

This is where in•flu•ence’s leadership programs come into their own. Getting you to Conscious Competence as quickly as possible is the essence of what we do.

Within the high energy, safe environment we create, our participants repeatedly practice targeted behaviours, each time receiving feedback on where they’re most effective and exactly how they can improve. Having done so, they leave our programs competent and confident to practice new behaviours that would otherwise take years to acquire in the real world.

What’s more, having gained the competence and confidence to practice these new behaviours, our participants are able to continue the self-development process back in the workplace, ultimately reaching Unconscious Competence, or mastery.

The benefits of our approach are further accelerated when complete teams participate at the same time. That’s because, together, the executives acquire a common language and approach within the program; and together they can support and enhance each other’s journey of development back at work, expediting the path from conscious to unconscious competence.