Behaviour Development Cycle

Lasting behaviour change is achieved by working on all four elements of the Behaviour Development Cycle.


Four Elements of the Behaviour Development Cycle:

  • Awareness: Accurate self-awareness of existing competency at the behaviour in question

  • Knowledge: Knowledge of best practice at that behaviour

  • Skills: The ability to effectively manifest that behaviour in practice

  • Mindset: The positive attitude, willingness to engage authentically with others and confidence to be influential

When you think about it, most leadership training programs focus on transferring knowledge from the instructor to the participant. A trainer stands at the front of the room, talks and occasionally answers questions from a class of students. Powerpoint slides are presented, some worksheets are filled in and the day is over. Participants leave having been informed, or more likely reminded of theories that drive leadership, but without any development of the real skills they need to lead effectively back in the workplace.

That’s where in•flu•ence differs. We recognize that most executives already have the knowledge – sometimes they may even have too much of it! The problem isn’t a deficit of knowledge, it’s not knowing how to translate that knowledge into effective leadership behaviours in real life. Which is why we have our participants experience every element of the Behaviour Development Cycle. In doing so they build the practical skills to become more influential, effective leaders.

Accelerated Change

While behaviour change and skill development happen through experience, the rate at which they occur can be accelerated with intense practice and specific feedback.

That’s why at in•flu•ence our focus is on maximizing the number of opportunities for participants to practice leadership skills in a safe, high-quality, feedback-rich environment. And we’ll even make the whole experience fun!