Our Leadership Development Approach

in•flu•ence leadership programs create a fun, high energy, safe environment in which participants can accelerate their skills development.

To create this environment we:

  • Maximise the time for participants to ‘do’, or enact behaviours

  • Minimise formal lecturing time

  • Break target behaviours down into constituent elements

  • Develop competence in elemental behaviours before tackling more complex skills

  • Develop one behaviour or skill at a time

  • Recommend a maximum 1:6 professional coach: participant ratio

  • Put participants in groups of three for practical activities (doer, receiver, participant coach)

  • Facilitate numerous, multi-layered interactions to maximise practice opportunities

  • Focus on building self awareness through feedback from multiple sources: professional coaches, fellow participants, co-worker assessments

  • Offer a 360 feedback review – an optional service to maximize self-awareness by providing performance feedback within the program sourced from current work colleagues

  • Create an engaging environment which is safe, positive, dynamic and fun

Regardless of how we tailor your program to meet the needs of your organisation and individuals, you can rest assured that it will be built on proven philosophies of effective leadership development.